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Natural Molecular Sieve Zeolite
Premium Chabazite 5a

Zeosorb® products are 99% pure natural zeolite molecular sieves. Suitable for selective adsorption of molecules up to 5.0 angstrom size. Highly acid resistant with a surface area of over 500 square meters per gram.

Uses of natural zeolites:

  • Adsorption of water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
  • Cleaning and drying of natural gas
  • NH4 cation exchange, sewage treatment and controlled release of fertilizer
  • Cleaning methane from sanitary landfills
  • Adsorption and storage of radioactive cesium and strontium
  • Separation of nitrogen and oxygen using pressure swing adsorption process
  • Odor control by ion exchange and adsorption
  • Heat storage applications - heat of adsorption is about 1500 BTU's per pound of H20

Production and sales of Bowie Arizona chabazite for over 50 years

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